Want to work in Startups?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

By extension of Einstein’s quote, we need to think differently to develop killer businesses. At Dominet, we want to meet these people, the ones that think differently - no one ever changed the world by thinking the same way.

Dominet and our portfolio companies are always looking for intelligent, driven and passionate people. The most important factor in determining the success of a startup is the team running it. We work hard with our founders to surround them with great teams. Do you want to be part of one?

Should you work in startups?

  • Education & experience: we don’t have a rigid set of requirements. We’d like to see some experience working in a digital environment. This could include online marketing, studying at university, working on your own start-up, running a blog or building an app. Make sure you live in the 21st century and know the difference between Facebook and Twitter.
  • Go the extra mile: if you want to turn up at 9am and leave at 5pm, startups aren’t for you. That’s not to say you must work 12 hours day-in day-out, but you must want to be part of a team that does what it takes, even if that means missing the latest episode of MKR.
  • Cultural fit: you like people, you like working with people, you like working in a start-up environment and you like being part of a team that is creating something epic.
  • You have the belief that you can make a difference!

Why work in startups - what we offer you

Want to work in startups?

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